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Fractional CMO, Marketing and Business Development Consulting for Service-Based B2B Businesses and Solo-Entrepreneurs 

Amanda Berlin works with B2B professional services companies to help them take fractured marketing investments (think an agency that does ads, a social media person, a content marketing freelancer) and create opportunities for growth through STRATEGY with less stress and resource strain.

Is a Fractional CMO for you?

Are you struggling to connect with the right people? You or your sales team are not closing sales because the people landing in your pipeline are just not the right fit. 

Are you not really clear on what is actually working? There is no transparency in your marketing data because all your marketing activities are being handled by independent contractors or freelancers.

Are you eager to stand out in a crowded field? Feeling like you're always playing catch up attempting to implement the latest marketing trend? 

What They Are Saying


“Amanda has helped our community increase their sales, grow their businesses and feel more confident in their branding.”

— Tracy Matthews, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Flourish and Thrive Academy


"I don't think I would be where I am today without Amanda. She helped me define what I want to do and gave me words to articulate our value, offers, and vision."

— Danielle Hendon, Fractional CFO 


"I gained a lot of clarity on the messaging I wanted to use and what parts of my business I wanted to promote in the media. My messaging helps me to stand out and reflect the expertise I have."

- Jill Castle, Owner,  Childhood Nutrition Expert


"Amanda helped me weed through all the publicity options and helped me focus on the appropriate steps. She helped support me to take action on the plan that we created."

- Kristen Westcott, Coach for Entrepreneurs


“Amanda was able to meet me where I was at. She helped me attract the right person to my ever changing business by helping get my messaging clarified.”

 — Minna Penna, Fractional COO, Business Operations

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