PR and Marketing That Goes Beyond the Spotlight...

Visibility that improves the bottom line.

I'm a former NYC corporate publicity strategist now using my powers for good.

I teach you how to intentionally use PR and marketing to grow your business, not just to be seen in the media.

Stop before you hire a traditional PR firm

Before you make a big mistake, you need to learn:

Messaging that Converts what you say, how you say it, and where you put your message can do all the work of creating relationships with audiences that result in sales. A PR firm expects your message to be clear when you show up. 

Conversations that Convert once the connection is made with a decision-maker or an audience, how will you frame the next step that it's mutually beneficial and serves your bottom line? 

Pitching that Converts your visibility strategy MUST go beyond just being seen in the media. Your "pitches" must be thoughtful and must cover the full range of all the relationship-building tactics at your disposal. A PR firm is tasked with getting you seen. That doesn't necessarily translate into revenue.

What They Are Saying


“Amanda has helped our community increase their sales, grow their businesses and feel more confident in their branding.”

— Tracy Matthews, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Flourish and Thrive Academy


"I don't think I would be where I am today without Amanda. She helped me define what I want to do and gave me words to articulate that."

— Danielle Hendon, Virtual CFO


"I gained a lot of clarity on the messaging I wanted to use and what parts of my business I wanted to promote in the media. My messaging helps me to stand out and reflect the expertise I have."

- Jill Castle, Owner,  Childhood Nutrition Expert


"Amanda helped me weed through all the publicity options and helped me focus on the appropriate steps. She helped support me to take action on the plan that we created."


“Amanda was able to meet me where I was at. She helped me attract the right person to my ever changing business by helping get my messaging clarified.”

 — Minna Penna, Streamline the Journey

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