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Want to be on Oprah? Here’s the One Thing You Have to Do First

The PR world never seems to change: Everyone still wants to be on Oprah. Even though Oprah doesn’t even have a network television show anymore! But still, it makes sense. Everyone knows … More

How to Get Inside Their Heads

I will never forget a recent interview I heard with Sarah Silverman. Not because I’m a big fan, but because something she said was something I felt that I had never heard anyone articulate … More

Top Three Pitching Myths

What happens to you when you hear the word: pitch. Stomach in knots? Cold sweat? Quivering hands? Could this because you have a misconception about what pitching entails and … More

Four Ways to Come Up With a Winning Idea

We all know guest posting is one of the best ways to get your point of view and your name out there. When you’re published, you have the opportunity to reach a whole new audience and you … More