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Top Three Pitching Myths

What happens to you when you hear the word: pitch. Stomach in knots? Cold sweat? Quivering hands? Could this because you have a misconception about what pitching entails and … More

Four Ways to Come Up With a Winning Idea

We all know guest posting is one of the best ways to get your point of view and your name out there. When you’re published, you have the opportunity to reach a whole new audience and you … More

Three Common Culprits Behind Content Shame…

...and what to do to deal with them... You don’t give people your business URL: If you’re not giving out your information because you’re afraid someone will actually visit your site, … More

Go Wide or Go Deep: Find High-Yield Outlets

One way to maximize your guest posting efforts is by finding high-yield outlets. I think of high-yield outlets as fitting in one of two categories. They either go WIDE, they reach a … More