Everything we do is formed in some way by what we believe. So getting clear on what you believe and the ways in which your beliefs, the good, the bad, and the ugly, inform your actions can help you walk confidently down a path you know is the right one for you. Like, if I don’t believe something is possible for me, I’d be hard-pressed to even try it. Writing a credo will help you look inward and shed light on the ways you contribute to your own success, and even your challenges.


I am going to be working on my Career Karma Credo, and I invite you to join me.  Here’s why:


I’m looking forward to getting even clearer on what I believe creates positive Career Karma. The credo will help me identify where my strengths lie, where I’m standing in my own way, in which ways I am shunning my own preferences in favor of being who I think I should be. I want to bring forth all that’s true about me, all that makes me the powerful force meant to do the work I am called to do. I invite you to come along and write your credo as I write mine.


In our ongoing effort to create positive Career Karma in our lives, the credo will create a blueprint for achieving what we desire. What’s more, the credo will cut a pattern in the universe from which our visions for ourselves can begin to manifest.


I love the idea of a credo because it will help us stay enthusiastic, motivated and focused on our goals.  In our collective quest to find happiness and fulfillment everyday, the credo gives us emotional and mental fuel for our individual journeys.


Executive coach Susan Steinbrecher, author of Roadmap to Success, says mission statements or credos like this helps us approach our goals with clear and focused energy, like a laser.  “Otherwise, you’re living ‘the light bulb effect,’” she says, “a small amount of energy going in many directions.”


Every week, the Career Karma site will offer you inspiration and prompts to write your own Career Karma Credo. Share your thoughts here, in the comments, if you like.  Or email me to talk about your process. I think this will be an exciting exercise, useful in helping us develop laser focus. Without that focus we have a tendency to compare and worry. Which bring us to our first prompt in drafting your Career Karma Credo:


Who are you, really?


What do you love?  What do you not really love? There’s a benefit in distinguishing between the two. You always have choices. And when you choose to move away from the things you’ve been telling yourself you “should” like you make space for more of the things you love to come in. And when you are doing things you can be truly excited and passionate about you are in alignment and everything feels right.


Who are you, really?



Next week I’ll post my contemplation on this topic and we’ll move to the next step…identifying blocks.  So stay connected!