You made it! You made it! I’m excited and honored that you made it all the way though. And I know that you will serve even more people now that you have clarity on what you offer and can provide that clarity to others.

First, bookmark this page, because at the bottom you’ve got links to all the other steps for this tutorial in one convenient location, in case you need to go back.

Now, let’s finish this thing out!

Today is the day you get some guidance on what to do with all the brainstorming you’ve done.

Get tips on writing great copy.

Learn about what you absolutely need to include to create a page that converts. 

Download this worksheet for guidance on the actual order of content for your final ABOUT page.


ABOUT Page Scratch Sheet

***ABOUT Page Composition Guide***

***ABOUT Page Composition Guide for Product-Based Businesses***

If you missed a day or want to go back to review, here are all the links in one place.

Day 1: What you need to know about your ABOUT page

Day 2: Who are you talking to?

Day 3: What do we need to know about you? 

Day 4: What do you need to you know about what you used to do?

Day 5: How are you going to talk about your business?

Day 6: How will you talk about what people get from working with you?

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