become your dreamAdWeek says that the tagline is dead. They make a compelling argument. And considering how hard those blasted taglines are to write, I’d love to agree! Short copy is always grab-your-heart-and-stagger-around-the-room-hard to write.

However, in our time-starved, skim-conditioned, 140-character world, doesn’t it seem convenient to have a super short and compelling piece of copy to communicate the essence of your brand? 

And, isn’t there a special thrill that comes from writing something so simple and perfect and on-point? Everyone loves a great tagline. So why not try to write one for your business? I’ll help.

But first, what is a tagline? 

A tagline is a slogan that captures the essence of your business by describing your mission, the benefit of your service and your promise. You could also call it your website headline.

How do you write a great tagline?

Here are a couple questions to help you craft this short impactful phrase:

  • What is your mission? What do you do? What is the purpose of your business or website? (Don’t have that nailed down yet? Go here)
  • What are the benefits your service offers over the competition?
  • What do people get when they work with you that’s unique and true to your “brand?”

Take this brainstorm and work through a couple short phrases including all three elements.

Think and write in the language of your prospective client.

Add personality.

Use words you love.

If you’re getting stuck, don’t be too proud to click on over to Unusual words can be memorable. Just remember, be clear, not clever.

Write at least 15 versions of your tagline, without editing, 25 if you’re an overachiever. Try them out on a couple people you trust. Keep working them until one feel right.

Some great taglines: 

MailChimp: Send Better Email (boom!)

Walgreens: At the corner of happy & healthy

On the most-recent season of Mad Men, Freddie Rumson, delivering a Don Draper original: “Accutron: It’s not a timepiece, it’s a conversation piece.”

So let me know: do you think your business needs a tagline? Do you covet something clever? Which questions resonate with you? Which trip you up? Give it a go and post your new tag line in the comments below, or tweet at us.