art of writingWe talk so much about your About page, your services page, and so on. While your website is a living thing, these pages are relatively stagnant. Yes, you should constantly be revisiting, retooling and testing what resonates with your audience, but they are much more fixed compared to your more dynamic content, articles, social media and newsletter.

So, let’s pay some attention to the more dynamic content. The stuff you have to generate week-after-week, day-after-day. The kick-off to this three part series on dynamic content writing is all about your newsletter.

What is it supposed to do? And, how can you write effective and compelling content to help your newsletter fulfill its purpose?

First, the purpose of your newsletter is to stay in consistent contact with your audience while providing them with valuable content on a specific theme.

That doesn’t help you figure out exactly what to write, but it’s helpful to hold that as an intention as you generate this piece of writing.

As for content, think of your newsletter in three sections:
Giving them a reason to be on your list
Reminding them you’re in business
Inviting them to interact

Give them a reason to be on your list:
This is the toughest section, but it’s the only section you’ll need to write each time you send out a newsletter. The other sections can remain, by and large, standard copy in each correspondence.

Each newsletter “theme” can be dictated by your latest blog article or the latest interview you did or any other idea that you pick for this particular round of outreach. Let’s say you’re going to use the tactic that each blog post you write will be publicized by way of your newsletter. You have the article content, but for your newsletter, you will create a short piece of content that gives a little “extra” to your newsletter subscribers.

Here are a few ideas on generating content on the level of an extra for your subscribers. These ideas will give your newsletter an air of exclusivity (because you’re not offering this content to the general public), which will give your audience a reason to be on your list.
Hold back a tip or two that fit into your article for the week and include them in your newsletter instead
Tell a personal story that’s not included in the piece you post on your blog.
Reserve a case study or a client story (preserving their privacy)
Issue unique content in your newsletter from somewhere/someone else that your readers won’t be able to find anywhere else
At the end of this section of your newsletter, direct your readers to come on over to the blog to read the rest of your insights on this topic.

Next: Reminding them you’re in business
The idea here is to ensure your newsletter is an effective marketing tool, rather than an email you send out sporadically. Reminding your audience that you have a service to provide (in addition to all the interesting thought leadership and advice you share) will accomplish this facet of your newsletter’s purpose. Here’s how to do it.

Create a content box that speaks to your business purpose, your mission.
Remind them what you do. And remind them what you offer.
Include links to the services page on your website and ask them to connect with you if they need help with any of the issues you help people address.

Finally: Inviting them to interact
Providing a call-to-action is effective in keeping people engaged. You’re offering direction. And, with these specific call-to-action prompts, you’re giving your audience the opportunity to become part of the community you’re fostering. Here’s how to invite your audience to interact via your newsletter. Ask them to…:

Share your content
Come on over to the blog and leave a comment
Like the post or share it on social media
Tweet something as part of the community (use “ClicktoTweet.” This free online tool allows you to compose tweets in advance that your audience can share through their own Twitter accounts in one click. Check it out. Super fun.)

So now you know what to put in your newsletter in the way original content so that it gives your audience a reason to be on your list. You know how to ensure your newsletter serves a strategic purpose by highlighting your business as part of its features. And you know how to encourage engagement and provide a call to action as part of your newsletter outreach.

So let us know: will you implement this newsletter strategy? Tell us what you’re most excited about. Maybe your enthusiasm will entice us to sign up for your list!