stand forA great About page answers the big “what do you stand for” question.

What you believe is possible, or the stand you are taking on behalf of your clients, can be the bedrock of what you’re all about.

It’s the reason you’ve taken the risks you’ve decided to take to be in this place of true service. You’ve following your calling.

So how can you capture what you believe so that someone wants to pick up an instrument and climb on board your bandwagon. Sometimes what you believe feels too incredibly big, loud and close to describe. So let’s look at a couple people who did this “I believe…” statement in different ways.

Derek Halpern: I believe smart entrepreneurs and executives who want to win in today’s overcrowded marketplace MUST become master marketers, persuaders, and salesmen.

This statement is full of clarity, knowledge, conviction. I picture fist pounding into palm when I read this. This statement even provides actionable top-line advice! To be successful, become a master at marketing, persuasion and sales.

Nisha Moodley: I believe that when a woman feels truly free in her life, it expands her capacity to make a massive difference in the world. (When we’re willing to do the important inner and outer work, we can truly live, love & give well.)

This statement is full of passion, an understanding of the pain and struggle her client might be experiencing — the longing to be free! I feel hugged when I read this.

Ashley Murry: My motto is this: It’s not rocket science, but even rocket science can be learned.

This statement is full of encouragement. It’s down to earth, with a kind of hand-on-hip, come-on, level-with-me smirk.

These statements really capture not only each practitioner’s central belief, but also their whole brand aesthetic! (Another great reason to write yours now. It does so much all at once!)

So how can you compose your “I believe…” statement? Start here:

What’s “The World According to YOU?”

What do you know to be true about what you teach people to do?

What’s possible when someone embraces this idea?

If you were having a foot-stamping, fist-shaking moment talking about what you do, what would you be saying about what you believe?

This statement is really about taking a stand for the people you want to invite into the tribe. This invitation carries with it possibility. Put these prompts to work and let us know what you come up with. Leave it in the comments below. Or, let us know where you’ve seen other inspiring “I believe…” statements so we can add to the collection.