Willpower is the strength to act or the strength to prevent oneself from acting, whichever serves the pursuit of a specified goal.  We usually think of willpower in terms of our efforts to deny ourselves something, likely food.  I used to imagine myself with enough willpower to skip after-school snack.  I would chew piece of gum after piece of gum.  I would sequester myself in my room, away from the kitchen.  I would imagine my body transforming from this oversized embarrassment to something closer to ideal thinness.  It never happened.  In fact, it wasn’t until I gave up a certain attachment to that ideal that I finally started to accept my body and at times love the way it looks.


But willpower doesn’t only apply to deprivation. The will is the ability we have to choose.  Our will is the thing inside us that births determination.  It houses our wishes and desires.  We can will these visions into being.  And it’s always within our power to become our dreams.  If you can think it, you can be it.


“Will” is also a conjugation of I am or I am becoming. I am going to – or I will – be there.  It’s a state of being, it just…is.  Our will is the purest, most precise, clearest portrait of our essence.


Our will can control our thoughts, attitudes and actions.  And as we change our minds to focus on empowered sentiment, so change our lives.



Consider the word “will.”  Look it up.  Get inspired by its many meanings.  Use “will” as a verb and as a noun in a series of sentences that describe where you are in your life (It is my will to…), where you want to go (I will be…), who you need to be to get there (I will become…), and what you are going to do (I will do…).  Are you willing?