IMG_4415As a mom, I’m kind of always worrying a little bit in the back of mind about my ability to (do a lot of things but in this case), unearth my daughter’s natural talents and gifts. Like, what if she’s a Marie Curie or a Pablo Picasso or an Abigail Breslin. How do you figure this stuff out? How do you nurture young talent?

Okay, so it’s a question one might ask as a parent, but what about as an adult? I think there are plenty of us out there who wander around without actually recognizing what we’re really good at. We know we’re not talentless. But, perhaps you’re like me, walking around thinking, “I’m kind of decent at a lot of things, but not really excellent at any.” Jack of all trades, master of none.

Well, there is something you’re really good at. And, while it may not seem like a world-changer, the fact that you’re good at it could be.


So how do you figure out what this thing is so that you can capitalize on it. And, even better, how do you identify that thing so you can nurture your own talent and let the world know how you can help.

There’s a thing that a lot of other people may struggle with this. But, you. You are really good at it.

Let’s unearth your talent:

What are you really good at? Tactic one.

What do people ask you for help with? What comes easily to you? Long before I started owning my communication and writing savvy, during those days where I just sort of assumed that it came easily to me so my writing can’t really be all that good, my friends were coming to me to edit their graduate school essays and resumes. So, take my word for it, your friends don’t come to your for help just because you’re available. If they are coming to you to manage their summer share house it could because you’re good with numbers, people respect you, and you wield your authority fairly (or at least fairly when it comes to the homeowner.)

What are you really good at? Tactic two:

What do you get excited about? Or, even, what did you USED to get excited about? Take a close look at the things that light you up. If you’d have asked me when I was working in the corporate world whether public relations lit me up, I would have categorically denied it and taken offense at the accusation. But, after some good old-fashioned objectivity, and an ah-ha moment answering a pivotal RFP, I have to say my passion for PR is really not that surprising. I always loved the news. And, I loved and have an ease when it comes to crafting a story. Even as a kid, I always thought about how I would recount my experiences. I remember storing up my good tales for the days when I’d sit at my crush’s table in study hall in high school. So think about your penchants, your weird quirks. These are infused with information.

What are you really good at? Tactic three:

Where do you see yourself in five years? You will probably end up no where near where you imagine yourself. But, it could give you some good information on where you want to be. And this could inform your search for your talents. What do you want to be doing? What skills do you want to embody? What do you wish were different about the way you live and work that you’d like to see transform over the next 1,825 days.

What are you really good at? Tactic four:

Of whom are you jealous, right now? Jealousy can be an ugly emotion. It’s kind of a deadly sin. We beat ourselves up when we feel it. It makes us feel gross. But it can provide some really good information. Call it the Jealousy Cue. Look at someone you’re feeling a little jealous of right now. What are they doing that you wish you were doing? Does this help you uncover a secret penchant you are pining to indulge? Follow that cue.

So, what do you think? What’s your hidden, or not so hidden talent? Which one of these talent treasure maps do you think will be most effective to you? Let me know which you’ll implement and what happens when you do.