Well, we welcomed our baby girl into the world.

What a crazy thing to contemplate. I used to make countdowns in Print Shop on our old PC in anticipation of family vacations or sleep away camp. And I have to say, not since then have I been this attentive to a date or a swath of time between “now” and “then.”

Scattered in with the anticipation were so many other emotions, of course. And owing to the fact that so many things in my life have been up in the air, there was a fair amount of anxiety, worry, fear, stress, resentment, anger…you name it.

It became glaringly apparent to me that I needed to grab hold of all these emotions and consciously make a choice about how I was going to be.

I needed to ask myself:

What kind of atmosphere am I creating? In my body? In my home? In my life?

I can reasonably expect that this idea of taking charge of what I am creating in the world will not end once the baby is born. It won’t end once we are in our new apartment. Whether in my work, or in my personal life, I am always responsible for what I am creating. The vibes I put out there into the world create my experience. And they impact everyone around me. 

I wish I had a series of steps to offer you to improve the atmosphere you are creating.

But you don’t need a series of steps.

The only thing you need is the awareness that you have control over that atmosphere. What’s awesome is that, in moments when you don’t have control over much, you still have control over that.

What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? Leave a comment below, just a few words, about what you want it to be like in your home, at work, in your relationship, as you walk down the street. What does that energy field around you feel like?

I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

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