Lisa Simone Richards is a visibility coach for health, fitness and wellness entrepreneurs. She shows her clients how to get seen, get clients and get paid and attract their ideal client.

Lisa used to be a personal trainer & a group fitness instructor. So, she still gets to do the things that she loves to do in her spare time and call it work.

She worked in fashion and beauty for the first 2 years of her career and then went into consumer package goods in an agency setting. She started working in a fitness boot camp and never looked back so it’s now about almost 10 years that she’s been exclusively with health, fitness and wellness entrepreneurs. It’s just so cool that she gets to merge her passion and what she does professionally.

Then, Lisa started a PR agency on the side and that’s where she worked with health, fitness, and wellness entrepreneurs doing their PR on their behalf.

Listen in as Lisa shares the importance of building the right relationships, figuring out where their ideal client is hanging out, and how to be seen as an expert and precisely position yourself in your niche.

Lisa and I discuss:

  • How she started her business journey
  • The skills that she gained over the last decade in teaching health, fitness and wellness entrepreneurs
  • Best practices when it comes to positioning
  • The modern day elevator pitch where you communicate exactly the ideal client that you serve, the problem that you solve, and the transformation that you offer them
  • The kind of publicity that is good for different kinds of things and specific tactics for all different kinds of goals
  • The best tactics to use if you want to build your list and get email sign ups

You can find Lisa online at and if you want to get a copy of the audio so that you can communicate clearly what you do and the transformation that you offer, you can go to

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