January 4, 3pm NYC



Media Planning 


Thursday, July 19, 2018

3-7pm NYC

Goddesses of Up-Level Like a Boss...

Please join me for this exclusive afternoon of brainstorming and get clarity on what you have to say + who you can say it to

To make the right connections, raise visibility, and bring in more of the right clients.


I am so glad that I decided to join your workshop. Not only did it allow me to plan out my content which I have been putting off forever but it also opened my eyes to the idea of media and stretching myself in that direction to become more visible.

Jill W. - mindset and empowerment coach for women

If you are staring into computer not knowing what to do to get seen...

If you feel frustrated because you're shouting into the abyss and no one hears you...
If you have those daily fist-shaking moments because you built it but they haven't come...

and you KNOW you have something special to give...if only (IF ONLY!) more people knew about it...

Join us on July 19 for the opportunity to

Hone your message,

Identify your visibility opportunities,

Create your pitch, 

Learn to leverage your connections



If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything. But your audience will not fall for you unless you take a stand fro something. And that's your point of view. Let's articulate what you stand for, what makes you different, how you help people, and what kind of advice and support people can expect from you.




Translate all that's happening in the world and in your business into story ideas that get you excited to create content that will resonate with the audiences you're trying to reach.




Determine how you're going to get outside your word of mouth bubble by leveraging media opportunities and free publicity. Map out where you're going to be interviewed or contribute as a writer.




Plan what you will offer to create a deeper and more productive relationship with your prospective clients and the new people who find you through your media outreach and content creation.

join us

We will create a 90-day plan including:
>> A messaging roadmap that articulates who you are and what you do in a way that resonates with your ideal audience
>> Accessible outreach plan to help you capitalize on your "natural market" as well as get outside your word-of-mouth bubble and book media opportunities

>> Actionable pitch-writing tactics so you know exactly what to write
>> Personalized tactics for converting more people you reach into fans, followers, and clients

Inspiring Space

Wine and Snacks

Soulful Collaboration

About me, Amanda Berlin: 

After more than a decade in the New York City public relations world, I like to think I'm now using my pitch powers for good. I help entrepreneurs write their web content, tell their brand story, and spread their message in the media. People who have worked with me have been featured in all types of media — from Business Insider to Entrepreneur on Fire and from WNYW Fox 5 to Bustle.com. I believe we all have something important to say and there are people out there waiting to hear from us! I arm business owners with the tools and strategy they need to go from hidden industry gem to recognizable trusted expert.