IMG_4753I’ve written before on the task of finding outlets to write for in order to get your name out there. The art of guest posting puts you in front of your target audience offering excellent information that whets their appetite and leads them back to your website, hopefully wanting more.

I have a couple more ideas for you, with a little help from one of my biz BFFs Laura Yamin. If you haven’t started listening to Laura’s podcast, NSFW, all about escaping the 9-to-5 and/or finding work that fuels your passion and doesn’t suck your soul, you have to start listening.

Laura is truly a genius when it comes to these kinds of business hacks.

So, here are three new ways to find guest posting opportunities:

Hit the Google: Google “what are the best websites (/podcasts) for ____” and fill in your industry. I tried this with every industry. I literally googled, filling in the blank with “writers,” “historians,” “mechanics.” They all had some kind of information on outlets in these industries. It’s funny how complicated I’ve always made googling. But my husband taught me to just write your question into google. It’s surprisingly effective.

Stalk Your Idols: Look on the “Press” page of the people you admire in your industry and see where they’ve been featured. Go further with this by googling these people and “guest post.” (Competitor’s name + guest post)

Use Their Self-Promotion to Your Advantage: You know those Facebook groups you’re a part of that do a good job of sucking your time or, worse a good job of making you feel bad about your business by tripping up that compare and despair trigger. Use them for intel. Start to pay attention to outlets your colleagues have contributed to. You also can search within the group for every guest post that’s been touted. Go to the group and in the Facebook search bar, search for “guest post.”

These three ideas should take some of the mystery out of finding places to pitch.

I want to help you do more.

If you’ve been confounded by pitching yourself for guest-posting opportunities, or just haven’t experienced the kind of response you’ve wanted from the efforts you’ve put into writing or being interviewed by other sites, I can help.

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