We are told to suspend it, to withhold it, to not express it. By all accounts, we are exhorted not to judge.

But, to judge is human and being able to judge effectively is an important tool when you need to make decisions and move forward confidently in your life.

Why is judging important?

There is an important part of our brain devoted to making judgements. It’s above and behind our right ear! It’s trained over time and it helps us see into the thoughts and motivations of others. Differences in this brain region cause differences in the way we connect with and decipher another person is up to.

But, the uses for it are obvious. Whenever we find ourselves wondering why someone acted a certain way or did something confusing, we can piece together the chain of events and imagine their thought process.

We are able to see things from someone else’s perspective and judge their actions accordingly.

It’s important to be able to judge. And if we can do it from a place of openheartedness, we can make quicker, more powerful decisions. We can take a stand. And move forward. So, this thing that we’re told not to do, to suspend, to withhold do it more effectively? Here are three ways. If you’re going to do it anyway, you might use all the tools at your disposal to do it from a place of objectivity and power.

Trust your intuition: Listen to your gut. It’s one thing to trust your intuition so implicitly that you let its judgements rule your life. It’s another to use your intuitive hits as guidance on when to inquire more deeply.

Gut checks: Those product reviews on Amazon or the Buy Buy Baby website, those come in handy. We don’t live in a vacuum. Someone’s been where you are now. Find someone you trust and air your judgements. There is no shame in talking to someone you trust and getting a gut check.

Question your perceptions: The things we don’t like in others, or that make us a little wary are usually a reflection of something that makes us uncomfortable in ourselves. Use these feelings not as ammunition to beat yourself up, but as information to clear space to allow others in…or not.

It’s your judgement call to make.

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