The companies that truly connect with people and inspire passion and loyalty are those with a compelling story. Not just about their product or concept, but the story about their founding — and their founder.

In this podcast, you’ll learn the three pillars of a great brand story, and a compelling narrative arc.

Your brand story is important when it comes to pitching your business to the media because they are in the business of telling stories, above all else.

They need to explain to their audiences why their audience should care about what you have to say. In order to make that claim, producers and bookers need to care, first.

Your story is what makes people note your relevance, your expertise, your (street) cred. Beyond that, it makes you a compelling voice and engenders warm feelings about you and your brand. Dare to be real. Dare to come out of the closet with your brand story. It’s the ONLY thing that will make your brand entirely unique.


Listen here and post your business origin story in the comments below.