copy decodedYour ABOUT page is the most frequently visited on your site. We talk about this page a lot here on the blog. We’re always finding new tactics and ideas for making it really compelling.

One of the best ways to figure out how to create something awesome yourself is to make a case study of people who you think are doing it right. That’s where this series comes in. Copy Decoded captures best-practices and inspiring prompts for effective ABOUT pages.

What you’ll get out of this series:

First we’re going to analyze an amazing About page.

Then, we’ll take from it inspiration to implementing some of those tactics on your own page.

The goal is to create content so amazing and so incisive — intelligent and clear — that your audience will fall in love. But, before they fall in love, you have to. Pouring that kind of energy into your words is the most attractive thing you can do when it comes to writing. So let’s get to it.

Today we’re going to take a look at Rebecca Tracey’s site, The Uncaged Life.

Becca promises to help you make your small online business into a big deal. She’s a business coach (gag, she hates that term. However, I think it’s sometimes kind of important to use labels so people can categorize the work you do.) She’s not selling her services, in as much as she’s selling a lifestyle — the “uncaged” life.

Here’s why I like what she’s got going on on her About page. You know how we always say “write how you speak?” Reading this page feels like a conversation. And Becca comes off as a really passionate advocate for your professional success and personal freedom.

Let’s dive a little deeper and dissect what she’s really doing here and look at why it works.

If it bleeds it leads.

This is a somewhat disparaging comment on the state of local news, but in marketing it kind of works…though, we don’t actually mean telling horror stories of all the terrible things going on in the world. Here, we’re talking about identifying, investigating and honoring your prospective clients’ pain points. Particularly we want to focus on pain points that your service will alleviate. I think the most important thing you can do when exploring your prospects’ pain points is honor them, rather than exploit them. I get that feeling from Becca’s copy.

“Flagging down anyone who has ever felt…”

In this section, you really do get a sense that she knows what you’re going through, but that she’s also taking a stand on your behalf because she wants you to move past these hurdles.

I got dreams; you got dreams; we all got dreams!

In this next section, we move from pain to our dream outcomes. Yet, what she’s focusing on more than tangible outcomes (something I actually always advocate) she’s written copy here that conjures a feeling. And that might even be more powerful.

“Opening my door wide to all those who…”

“Want to get laser-focused on what it is your business IS so that sales and marketing are the easy part (yes, I said easy!) Need to clear away the fog and the hurdles involved in the who/what/why of your biz, and get unstuck. Are dying to quit the endless cycle of watching and learning and planning and instead just fucking START…”

Enough about you, let’s talk about me.

Notice to this point, she hasn’t told you anything about herself yet…she’s telling you about you! She’s creating a relationship wherein we, as the readers, feel totally welcomed in and seen, known and understood. It’s only at this point that she lets us in on what her business does.

Now when she finally does talk about her business mission, she’s talking in outcomes and again, evoking a feeling.

In talking about herself, she gives us her street cred and then in The “legit” story… She showcases the dirty little secrets of her journey. She’s unabashedly sharing the steps, missteps, turns and hurdles she’s experienced, even if they are embarrassing or reveal her imperfections. She seems to recognize that this is what has made her perfect for what she’s doing, the fact that she’s tried many different things and gotten to know herself better in the process.

Finally, you really feel the passion in her copy — that she really wants this for you.

So how can we take a cue from Ms. Tracey and incorporate some of the brilliance from her About page into ours? Here are your prompts inspired by The Uncaged Life.

What keeps your prospective client up at night? What makes her cry frustrated tears?

What does your prospect want more than anything? What is she willing to fight for?

How does your business support her?

What makes you the perfect guide?

So, let me know: which of these prompts is most intriguing to you? Have anything else to add? Leave it in the comments below; I promise to respond. Also, if you rewrite any piece of content inspired by this post or any other post, I want to know about it, so post a link in the comments below, too.

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