[Solocast] The Essential Framework of Getting Seen Episode 185
In my most recent conversations with clients, we've uncovered THREE distinct visibility tracks...i.e. three ways to be seen and recognized[...]
How to Create a Business by Challenging the Norms with Rachel Estapa: Episode 184 Empowered Publicity
Rachel Estapa, founder and CEO of More to Love, is passionate about empowering people to love and appreciate their bodies.[...]
[Solocast] The Only Two Pitches You Really Need
I was working with my amazing client, Laura, of Design Mastermind, and our work pointed to the relationship between what[...]
How to Find Your Voice and Pivot Effectively in Business with Nikki Groom
Nikki Groom is on a mission to help you own your voice and use it to grow your business and[...]
[Solocast] How to Upgrade Your Media Mindset and Believe You Deserve Publicity
Your beliefs are the a huge part of the reason why you are making progress or not. If you look[...]
How to Implement a Speaking Strategy to Grow Your Business with Carol Cox
Carol Cox is the founder of Speaking Your Brand, which helps high-performing, purpose-driven women entrepreneurs and professionals create their signature[...]
[Solocast] How to Find Your Point of View and Tell Your Story in the Media
One of the biggest questions I get from clients, and the place where we START with our work is always[...]
[Solocast] How to Pitch Local Radio and Magazines
Tips for pitching two of the most exciting local media in one podcast episode. Learn what you need to present[...]
How to Tell Your Story and Show Up as YOURSELF with Marsha Shandur
Marsha Shandur understands that telling stories can change the world. As a Storytelling Coach and the organiser and host of[...]
[Solocast] How to Pitch Local Online Media to Grow Visibility
When it comes to visibility, local media is the most powerful tactic we're not thinking about.  In this four-part solocast[...]
How to Build Your Team and Recognize Opportunity with Shelli Warren
As a former Procter & Gamble leader with 26 years’ experience leading technical teams to deliver multimillion-dollar projects, and introducing[...]
[Solocast] How to Pitch Local Television to Grow Your Business Visibility
If you want to learn how to get on TV, this is your episode. I'm sharing what I learned in[...]

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