[Solocast] Is Collaboration Ever A “Dirty” Word?
There may instances where it may not be right to pursue a collaboration. In this episode, you will learn the[...]
How to Find Your Voice and Confidence in Your Own Process
Shannyn Lee is the Win Without Pitching Director of Coaching. She spent a decade in senior marketing and communication roles in[...]
[Solocast] Why The Current PR Machine Wasn’t Built for Us {Rebroadcast}
It can feel like the PR machine was not built for you, especially as a woman entrepreneur, but there are[...]
[Solocast] What You Do NOT Need To Do To Move Your Business Forward {Rebroadcast}
In this episode, we will dive into the things you DO NOT have to do to move your business forward.
[Solocast] 5 Things To Know About Your Message {Rebroadcast}
In this episode, we dive into the 5 things to know about your beautiful, unique and life-changing message.
How Your Business Needs To Be Transformative In The Outreach, Message, and In The Experience
Lisa Hesse is a national board certified professional health and wellness coach and yoga instructor. Her main purpose is to[...]
(Solocast) Three Essentials To Create A Powerful And Cohesive Brand Message
In this episode, we dive into the essential things you need to do to create a cohesive brand message.   Learning[...]
How Traditional Platforms and Grassroot Efforts Can Lead You To Finding Your Superfans
    Jean Bromage is the founder of Reiki Essence Healing Arts. She is a Reiki Master Teacher as well[...]
(Solocast) Rebroadcast: Upgrading Your Mindset For The Rest of This Year
In this episode, we will talk about mindset, which is one of my most favorite things to talk about when[...]
The Power of Taking Bold Tenancious Action and Imagining That You Can Create the Career You Desire
    Jahaan Blake is a Sports Executive turned Coach and Consultant who can not only help you achieve your[...]
(Solocast) Four Ways to Use the Consumer Calendar for Pitching Success
In this episode, we dive into what we can do to utilize all of these “markers” throughout the year that[...]
The Power of Teaching, As A Tool, For Driving More Interest In Your Business
    Kimberly Merlitti owns KMM Consulting located in Washington DC. Kimberly has 20 years of experience working in accounting[...]

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