The Voice of Intuition You’re Probably Not Listening To


Your intuition can tell you a lot about where to go and whether you should keep going. But, if you’re keen enough to listen to a voice we’ve all been taught to tamp down or even ignore, you can get some valuable information on which direction to in next.


We’ve always been taught not to compare and that it’s not “good” to be jealous. Hell, envy is one of the seven deadly sins. But the voice of jealousy can offer you valuable information. I like to call this “the jealousy cue.”


This is a voice in your mind that you might not be listening to because it’s too painful or because we’ve always been taught not to buy into it. It’s the part of your consciousness that looks people up and down and says, “Man, I wish I had/did what that chick was doing.” Sometimes it’s really ugly. It can cut people down. It can distance you from what you perceive as their brilliance. But here’s how to hear it and use its powers for good, instead of evil.


How to hear it.


The voice of jealousy is often really hard to hear at first. Certainly it’s hard to understand its good intentions because that voice is shrouded in such yucky energy. But, if you can take a step back and recognize the thought-patterns of your green-eyed monster, you’ll disarm that creature and put her to work for you.


Some common thoughts that sometimes precipitate “the jealousy cue:”

  • The nose-up cue: I could do it better.
  • The indignant cue: I’m not going to participate in this thing I really love with this teacher I really love because [fill in the blank excuse.] (When really the excuse is: I want to be in that teacher’s shoes!)
  • The pettiness cue: Judgmental, critical comments about her hair, nails, fashion sense, or vocabulary. Typical mean girl shiz.


Sometimes the jealousy cue is purely energetic. Feel your energy getting kind of strange or wonky around someone? Take a minute to investigate. Is competition contributing to part of the weirdness?


What to do with this information:


Take action. Whether it means taking a course, going to a dance class, or letting yourself be free enough to make a crazy fashion choice, take action. Make a move that will give you the same feeling you imagine it feels like to be in the shoes of the object of your admiration. Reach out to the person you’ve got this weird energy with. Find out how they got where they are. Diffuse your jealousy and you could have access to a great resource.


Do you. This is not license to copy someone else. Tune in to your inner voice of authentic guidance and listen to your gut instinct before making a move. What feels right to YOU?


There are two ways to get down with this voice. Get sucked into its nasty wormhole and end up alienating yourself from the people who could be your greatest mentors. Or, see it for what it is — valuable direction from your soul voice — and find clarity out of a dynamic that could otherwise have been fatally flawed.


Now it’s your turn. Have you ever been jealous of someone and then had the epiphany that it was because you wanted to get closer to everything they were about? Have you ever turned jealousy into inspiration? How will do you that going forward? Post your thoughts in the comments below.


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