I did not have a lot of energy this morning but I went to intenSati anyway.  Natalia made up an amazing series for this month – they vary monthly.  Then, she called on me to call out the affirmations.

Yes!  I will raise my bar.

I’m getting happier

Bring it on.

My body is strong,

My mind is focused,

And my heart is passionate.

Every single day I say,

I deserve to feel amazing,

Starting today!

I’m unstoppable,

I am confident,

I am disciplined,

I am excellent!

Are you worth it? (I am worth it!)

Do you believe it? (I believe it!)

It felt so amazing to shout those affirmations, hear my voice over the music and make it through without messing up or losing my breath.

After the class a woman came up to me.  I had recently friended her on Facebook.

“You’re doing teacher training?”

“No,” I fumbled for the words.

“Why not?”

“I don’t know,” I answered, then admitted I had been thinking about it.  If I were to design my ideal life, instructing fitness, I believe, would have a place in it.

“Well, you should.  I run the teacher training,” she said.

Fascinating.  Not only was it encouraging and complimentary, but it was right on point.  I want to do this.  I’ve wanted to.  I just haven’t made any moves toward making it happen.

On my walk home, I saw in the window of American Eagle, of all places, the following: “Live Your Life.  Choose Your Path.”

Then I also realized coincidentally, my mother, who has been an exercise instructor for nearly 30 years, started teaching ‘round about the age of 31 – the very age I am right now.