In today’s conversation we’re tackling the topic of THE POWER OF ENOUGH: In a world where business success is often measured by scale, what does it mean to say, “This is enough”? This discussion explores what happens when we decide to scale in unconventional ways — or decide not to “scale” at all.

This conversation is closely tied to our last conversation about uncommon success metrics, so if you want to create a little playlist for yourself, go and listen to that next.

These roundtable conversations have centered on moments in business owners’ lives when things haven’t exactly gone as planned — so we are going to explore this question of “enough” and “scaling” from the perspective of hard-won realizations and the intentional direction that follows.

This conversation will center around themes like:

  • “When is enough enough?”
  • How do you align growth with your personal values and what you actually want in your business?
  • And, how do you separate what you think you SHOULD be doing in your business from what feels right and what you actually want.

There’s a lot of pressure to get bigger, increase revenue, leverage your time better, in short, “SCALE” but in this episode we seek to explore the concept of NOT — or of at least making an intentional choice when it comes to the size and scope of your business, reach, revenue, and impact.

For now, I’m so excited to have a panel of prolific, savvy, and experienced business owners with me for this conversation: Ashley Chang and Lilli Dellheim.

If you feel like:

  • Your business isn’t growing the way you want
  • You are doing all the things but your business isn’t responding
  • You feel frustrated because all your efforts aren’t resulting in the momentum you need…

You’re experiencing the strategy gap

The space between where you are now and where you know your business can go.

You’re not alone…

You and I can chat about how we’re getting you to the other side

Offering you a free call to explore the gap…

We’ll talk about where you want to go…

What obstacles you’re experiencing — they aren’t usually what you think they are —

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