Get fit?  Lose weight?  Meet the love of your life?  Have a kid?  Change jobs?

We all make them.  Some of us follow through.  But so often, the actions we take to achieve our goals is not sustainable.  And sometimes our goals slip right though our fingers.  The duration for which we can sustain our grasp on our New Years resolutions is directly related to what’s going on in our minds…right now.  If you aren’t willing to be happy now, regardless of what you have or don’t have, how you look or don’t look, what you earn or don’t earn, the things you think you need to finally be happy will lose their luster…and that’s if they find their way to you at all.

New Years can be a reboot.  But if you are tackling goals and doing stuff to make your life better without confronting what’s really making you feel like you aren’t living an amazing life already, you’re still going to feel empty inside.  The new stuff you get, or the new body you build, or the new baby you bring into the world isn’t going to make you happy if you don’t realize that it’s your thinking that is the source of your pain…or your bliss…to begin with.

Whether or not you lose the last 10 pounds, finally get a boyfriend or switch careers, you have the ability to be happy now.  Don’t wait until all the other things fall into place.

On a more metaphysical level, understand that in order to get the things that you want, you must choose to live in the energy of having it already.  On a base level, we believe that all the things we want will make us happy (content, at peace).  So if happiness (contentment, peace) is our ultimate goal, we realize that this is completely within our grasp.  We can choose it right now.  Contentment, happiness and peace are things that come from within.  They aren’t bestowed upon us by the things we have, the relationships we’re in, or the money in our bank accounts.  Once we realize we can access happiness right now, we can experience a shift in our energy.  We are immediately vibrating on a higher level than we were when we believed that happiness, contentment, and peace were not yet available to us.  Once you’re vibrating on a higher level, the things that you want will more-easily find their way to you.

If we feel crappy, like we’re lacking the things that will make us happy, we’re vibrating at an energy that opposes the feeling we really want to feel (happiness, contentment and peace.)  But if we choose to conjure the positive feelings now, happiness, contentment and peace are right there, and the things that will remind us of all these sensations will appear as well.


Today I choose happiness, contentment and peace.  This is how I am meant to feel.  This is my natural state.  And I know that as I radiate this positive energy, more of this abundant energy will find its way to me.