There’s something that happens to us when we’re not seeing the “real” stuff that each other is going through.

We start to feel alone.

Have you ever felt that way?

Alone in your challenge?

I experienced this early in my entrepreneurial life. And this theme started repeating itself last year, when everything felt so challenging.

I felt like I was the only one. And “not talking about it” just makes it worse. It perpetuates the isolation. And, what’s more, it makes other people feel alone, too.

Someone might be going through something similar and because we didn’t have the courage to share, they continue to go along thinking *they* are the only one.

Finally I reazlied I was repeating this pattern. So I committed to breaking it.

That’s when I relaunched the podcast and started having REAL conversations with people in business about the real challenges we ALL face behind the scenes. (We’re on our 5th Roundtable, have you been listening?)

Every time I’ve come up with a topic I wonder if it will resonate…and without exception, EVERYONE can identify with these challenges.

So now we’re talking about them.

This month’s roundtable is called “The Energy in Your Workplace” and it deals with uncovering the ways in which supportive work environments are created, why this positive energy is often undermined, and the impact of both positive and negative energy within your workplace.

If you’ve ever felt like something had to change — but you resisted it.
If you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t totally see the GIFT in the change life was presenting you…
If you’ve ever felt like there was no way to see what was next…

This conversation is for you.

Listen in. THEN, hit reply and let me know what you thought of our conversation and what resonated with you the most.