Episode 159: Tamara Violaris

Chief Curator, Creative Entrepreneur, Textile + Installation Artist & Life Strategist

My earth purpose is to get you unplugged, get messy, play, make and create things, explore, unleash the primal you, awaken your curiosity and find your sanctuary, that place you call home. I curate sensory experiences that get you in flow, through playing in a variety of ways in a nature–focused habitat, to enhance your well-being so you can uncover and honour your TRUE introvert NATURE.

I never felt at home in London, England so I went on many adventures to find where I truly felt at HOME. Raised by very serious alternative–thinking parents I stumbled into a life of anxious perfectionism, wrapped in conformity and people pleasing, a skill I learned from a very young age. Being a super–creative has been the biggest challenge of my life. Constant self–doubt, not wanting to be seen, creative abandonment, sabotaging opportunities, not acknowledging my gifts but seeing they had intrinsic value that could be trans-formative to others. Skip 20 years and here I am not hidden anymore and proud to be my super–creative introvert self.

In this podcast you will hear:

  •  Who Tamara Violaris is
  •  How she came to do the work that she is doing
  •  What is her message and her mission

You can find Tamara at her website.