You can’t always get what you want /

But if you try sometimes well you might find /

You get what you need


So much of the pain we suffer is evidence of a need that is not being met.  We may not realize it in the moment, which is why we end up crying in our cubicles or blowing up at the cleaning lady for rearranging the piles on our desks (depending on how you emote.)


More and more, companies are creating workplaces that meet the needs of their employees with childcare, subsidized lunches, that are actually healthy, zones that offer privacy when needed, opportunities for activity and so much more.  But in so many instances, many of us can feel like our jobs are draining us, taking without giving.  And we can end up feeling, especially with the pervasive economic fear-talk, that the paycheck should be enough. And we should feel lucky. This fear-based thinking only results in more pain because we’re wishing things were different, we’re wishing we were different.


This mindset doesn’t lead to productivity, positive moral or quality work. It is dis-eased thinking.  And it leaves us feeling unfulfilled, used and ultimately beaten-down.


So, whether you’re crying in your cubicle or raging on your commute home, what need is not being met?


Here are a few ideas for identifying and getting what you need.


Listen in: In what ways is there a chasm between how you feel now, and how you would like to feel?  This is your unmet need.


Ask for it: Have the difficult conversation.  Aren’t you worth it?


Take it: Sometimes you can’t wait around for that which you need to be delivered to you.  You are ultimately in control of whether or not your needs are met.  You always have a choice.  Do something about it, or walk away.  Celebrate all the power you have.