How to Get Inside Their Heads

I will never forget a recent interview I heard with Sarah Silverman. Not because I’m a big fan, but because something she said was something I felt that I had never heard anyone articulate in real life, before. She said when she was a teenager having bouts of depression it felt like being really homesick, [...]

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Top Three Pitching Myths

What happens to you when you hear the word: pitch. Stomach in knots? Cold sweat? Quivering hands? Could this because you have a misconception about what pitching entails and what it actually calls upon you to do? You might believe that you have to be the most notable expert in your field with a massive [...]

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Three Common Culprits Behind Content Shame…

…and what to do to deal with them… You don’t give people your business URL: If you’re not giving out your information because you’re afraid someone will actually visit your site, then you might be hiding behind bad copy. It’s possible you might not be happy with the way you talk about what you do. Or, [...]

Three Super Secret Tricks for Finding Guest Posting Opportunities

I’ve written before on the task of finding outlets to write for in order to get your name out there. The art of guest posting puts you in front of your target audience offering excellent information that whets their appetite and leads them back to your website, hopefully wanting more. I have a couple more [...]