I Can Choose What I See…

How you see the world is up to you.  How you see yourself and your circumstances is up to you as well.  Feel free to launch into excuses - the economy sucks, find reasons to stop trying to fulfill your dream because the field of work you want to be in is hard to break [...]

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Doubt Your Doubts

Fear, worry and doubt are clouds that obscure our view of the truth.  The truth is that we are capable beyond measure.  Our potential is so great, it frightens us.  We’re afraid we won’t do everything we possibly can with all the gifts we’ve been given.  Worry blinds us to these gifts.  We don’t see [...]

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What Do You Want?

How often has someone asked you, “Well, what do you want to do?” How often has the answer been, “I don’t know.” Settling on a dream isn’t always easy. It’s an overwhelming prospect.  Admitting you have a dream isn't easy either.  And saying it out loud can be downright terrifying.  It takes practice. More often [...]

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Are you addicted to negative thoughts?  Just like an addict, you might deny you have a problem.  But think back to your last negative thought binge.  Yeah, wasn’t so long ago, right?  You better believe you (and I) are just like the rest of ‘em.  You try to stop but you can’t.  You even have [...]

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Will Power

Willpower is the strength to act or the strength to prevent oneself from acting, whichever serves the pursuit of a specified goal.  We usually think of willpower in terms of our efforts to deny ourselves something, likely food.  I used to imagine myself with enough willpower to skip after-school snack.  I would chew piece of [...]

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