How to Define Your Biz Epiphany (Ah-Ha Moment) Without Sounding Like a Flake

Your professional epiphany, when you came up with that idea, or figured out exactly what kind of service you were positioned or offer, is the moment everything changed for you. But, you might have tried a lot of things before you got there. I did. How do you talk about how [...]

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How to Go Negative

The Cooking Channel has an online show called “You’re Eating it Wrong” and I love it. I don’t like chicken wings, but this episode on how to eat them correctly was definitely enlightening. From a strategic perspective, the content delivers. It’s useful. It’s entertaining. And, it’s aligned with the expertise of Dan Pashman, the host, [...]

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Copy Decoded: Ship Your Enemies Glitter

I was all set to write about something else this week, but then I was besieged by a frickin’ amazing website. The second my oldtime blog friend and brilliant photographer Sarah Bloom posted this link on Facebook, I knew I had to do a “Copy Decoded” on As of this attempt to write the [...]

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When to Stop Editing

The editor-author relationship can be a beautiful collaboration. Or it can be a contemptuous tug of war. In the best of times, editors nurture talent and provide emotional as well as editorial support. They keep your secrets. And when you ask them, on your deathbed, to burn all your remaining notebooks (a la Franz Kafka) [...]

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