Check It Twice

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed or not, making a list of things you want to accomplish can be really beneficial. When you commit something to the page, all of a sudden you’re accountable. That to-do list is just asking to be fulfilled. When you look at your goals laid out in writing before you, you’re more [...]

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How to Close Up Shop at Work

One co-worker shows up in your cubical in tears.  There’s a drama queen two cubes over.  And the martyr down the hall laments the fact that she won’t get home to feed her cat because she simply can’t crawl out from under all her work. In the office, we come across “personalities.”  But how can [...]

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I Think I…Can't?

What are your limiting beliefs?  What are you doing to combat them? We have more than 60,000 thoughts in a given day; most of them are repeated and most are negative.  We’ve been programmed by our past experiences. So that thing that happened way back in elementary school, as much as we’d hate to admit [...]

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Are You an Advice Junkie?

Are you an advice junkie?  How many people do you like to talk to before making a decision?  Of course, getting opinions and perspective from people we trust is always a good way to check-up on our instincts.  Sometimes what we hear jibes with our gut; and sometimes it doesn’t.  And when it doesn’t that [...]

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