Ep. 44: Nicole Culver, Blissful Soundbites!

Nicole Culver is the host of the Blissful Bites podcast and founder of Blissful Eats, an organic snack company. Her goal is to to help women get focused, follow their dreams and be happy in their everyday life. Nicole is a work at home mom to two girls, loves cooking, the early morning [...]

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Ep. 39: Sarah Eggers, Being of Service and Getting Paid For it.

Sarah Eggers is a web designer in Kansas City who loves to work with creative bloggers. She started out offering people social media strategy advice over a cup of coffee and now is a freelance web designer and small biz social media consultant. She has both a 9-5 and a 5-9. Sarah learned that [...]

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Ep. 35: Kelley Kitley, How HARO Can Help YOU Out!

I truly hope you take the time to listen to this episode of The Pitch Podcast. Even I, with all my background in pitching the media, walked away with some great tips about getting exposure in the media from my guest Kelley Kitley. Something we discussed at length was how she has made amazing [...]

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How to Define Your Biz Epiphany (Ah-Ha Moment) Without Sounding Like a Flake

Your professional epiphany, when you came up with that idea, or figured out exactly what kind of service you were positioned or offer, is the moment everything changed for you. But, you might have tried a lot of things before you got there. I did. How do you talk about how [...]

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Ep 5: Answer “What do you do?” Differently

This question is thought of as a conversation starter, but it also stops a conversation before it starts. We all have an idea of what or who we THINK someone is based on a one-word response. We need to do better. We need more people talking more enthusiastically, more clearly, more compellingly, more interestingly, [...]