New Definition of Discipline

Typically, we’re all about saying, “Yes!” How are you going to move forward in your life, enjoy new experiences, meet new people, make connections, if you’re a “no” person? We trot through our self-improved lives toting the motto, “Say ‘Yes’ to everything.” But is there ever a time to say no? [Movie quote alert: That [...]

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Bye-Bye Business Shame

First a bit about this series: From time to time on the blog, I will drop a piece of business advice for entrepreneurs, coaches and other folk who want to worry less and get more done. Because I spent 11+ years in the corporate world (in communications, no less) sometimes I have ideas about how [...]

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Except, Accept…

I’m pretty good at doing things.  I’ll say I’m going to do something and I’ll do it.  If there’s something I don’t like, I’ll change it.  If there’s something I want, I’ll go ahead and get it, or I’ll at least try.  I get really uneasy when there’s no more action to take.  I am [...]

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