Three Things Broadcasters Want From Us, As Publicists for Our Own Brands

When we are wearing the hat as publicists for our own brands, it’s important that we know what journalists want from us. I was inspired to write about this based on an interview I recently conducted for my podcast with a 30-year broadcast journalism veteran who also now has her own podcast. She went from [...]

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Ep 8: Laura Yamin, Finding the “Greatest Hits” of Your Personal Story

Today, I’m talking to Laura Yamin. Laura is a podcaster and she hosts a daily lifestyle podcast call Say Yes Podcast. In her spare time, you will find Laura trying something new outside of her comfort zone such as speed dating, learning to speak French and how to knit. She’s also a really good [...]

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What do you want people to know above all else about what you believe? It sounds like a question that would invite a soapbox. But there are a surprising number of situations that will call upon you to espouse your big belief or guiding philosophy. It happened to me in regular conversation with an interviewee [...]

How to Know Exactly What to Say in the Moment

Does the concept of “key messages” make you cringe? Like, you’re afraid you’ll be co-opted into the scions who operate only on rehearsed messages, never deviating and devoid of all original thought. Sounds like you might be fodder for a political operative who seizes on the fact that you’re saying the same thing over and [...]