Ep: 15 Ellie Burscough, How Hunger Can Help Drive Success

Ellie Burscough has always been passionate about health and fitness and helping people. As a child, she wanted to be a teacher and while things didn’t work out down that path, she has come to realize that what she is doing now is much more rewarding.  AND she is still teaching just in a different way. [...]

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Ep 14: Amanda Maynard, Your History is Jam-Packed with Information

Amanda Maynard has been working privately with clients for over 10 years helping them move from stuck and overwhelm into vibrant, profitable strength based entrepreneurial ventures. She an Intuitive Strategist and a Mindset Ninja. She says, “Your past is the path to what you’re meant to be doing now…” In this interview, we talk [...]

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Ep 13: Aaron Janx, How a Lack of Baggage Can Lead to Success

On This American Life this week, Malcolm Galdwell talked about how we have a “threshold” when it comes to discomfort and being different, and it often leads to making a wrong choice. The most successful free-throw shooter in the NBA shot underhand. Why don’t more people shoot underhand? Because it looks silly. They [...]

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Ep 7: The Stacey Harris, Digging Through and Uncovering Hidden Pitch-able Gems in Our Personal Experience

In this episode, I get on the line with The Stacey Harris to strategize her pitch to the podcast Entrepreneur On Fire.  Learn from this strategy session: Details of a professional journey that are relevant to a pitch — and how personal and unrecognizable they can be! How your audience can clue you into [...]

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