Crying at Your Desk?

Here's why! I knew my cube-mate could hear me sniffling over the upholstered wall, but sometimes I was just so frustrated I couldn’t stop the constriction in my throat. And I could keep the tears from rolling down my cheeks. I was so confused. I had lost my north star. I knew I didn’t want [...]

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New Definition of Discipline

Typically, we’re all about saying, “Yes!” How are you going to move forward in your life, enjoy new experiences, meet new people, make connections, if you’re a “no” person? We trot through our self-improved lives toting the motto, “Say ‘Yes’ to everything.” But is there ever a time to say no? [Movie quote alert: That [...]

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3 Easy Steps to Bust Relationship Anxiety

What’s it like to be in the thick of relationship anxiety?   Not only is the honeymoon over but it’s like you’ve returned from that honeymoon to a landscape you don’t even recognize with a travel companion who looks like a stranger. You find yourself standing on Mars, reaching to touch the face of someone [...]

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Get Closer to My Pain?!

I used to be a horrible patient. When I fell running over knotted tree roots when I was about six years old and got a cluster of splinters in my elbow, my father had to chase me around the house just to take a tweezer to the affected area. When I had to go to [...]

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Five Ways to Get Out of Anxiety Fast

When you’re “in it” it’s really flippin’ hard to see that there’s a way out of it. Your mind is a tornado of thoughts, none of which are productive at all. Your problems become unsolvable. Your future seems bleak. (Otto Titsling) It’s the best you can do to muddle through your day until this dark [...]

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