No Such Thing as Luck

You didn’t make a deal with the devil. The other shoe isn’t going to drop. You weren’t born under a lucky star. You’re not on a streak. You haven’t happened into anything. You aren’t living a charmed life. No more so than anyone else. You aren’t lucky. This was meant for you. You deserve it. [...]

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Don’t Look, Just Leap

Permission to be shortsighted. You don’t need to see the big picture. Not now. Not tomorrow. You don’t need to know how it’s all going to turn out. You don’t need to know how or why or when or even who. You don’t need to have a strategy. You don’t need to have a daily, [...]

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Thank Yourself

This time of year everyone is talking about gratitude. While I’m so grateful for all the people and things in my life -- and I do have so very much to be grateful for this year -- I’d like to issue a challenge. I want us to think about what we are grateful for within [...]

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Happy New York

This time of year is more appropriate for a New Years celebration than mid-winter.  The seasons are changing.  The trees will start to lose their leaves, hibernating for the winter season.  In the Jewish tradition, we celebrate the new year.  We put the old year to bed.  We forgive and ask for forgiveness.     I love [...]

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Okay, so I have become a student in A Course in Miracles.  I never would have thought it.  But there I was, listening to Gabrielle Bernstein’s podcast lectures and then, not weeks later, in an East Village monastery (yes, a monastery, with real live monks, right there on First Avenue) listening to a group of [...]

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I’ll Be Happy…When?

I’ve lived in the same apartment for [gasp] nearly nine years.  How that possible? What the what?! That’s a long time.  I moved into my delightful studio shortly after 9/11. It was the most beautiful studio I had seen.  And I knew instantly I had to live there.  It screamed pick me! And I screamed [...]

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