New Definition of Discipline

Typically, we’re all about saying, “Yes!” How are you going to move forward in your life, enjoy new experiences, meet new people, make connections, if you’re a “no” person? We trot through our self-improved lives toting the motto, “Say ‘Yes’ to everything.” But is there ever a time to say no? [Movie quote alert: That [...]

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Happy New York

This time of year is more appropriate for a New Years celebration than mid-winter.  The seasons are changing.  The trees will start to lose their leaves, hibernating for the winter season.  In the Jewish tradition, we celebrate the new year.  We put the old year to bed.  We forgive and ask for forgiveness.     I love [...]

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Except, Accept…

I’m pretty good at doing things.  I’ll say I’m going to do something and I’ll do it.  If there’s something I don’t like, I’ll change it.  If there’s something I want, I’ll go ahead and get it, or I’ll at least try.  I get really uneasy when there’s no more action to take.  I am [...]

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I have never before considered my life’s purpose.  What is your purpose?  Does that answer come readily to you?  I am curious.  It never did for me. Not that I didn’t pause to answer it; I never considered the question.  And I still didn’t consider it. However, the answer came to me.  I was never [...]

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Live in Love…

I keep getting this message: Focus on the love of what you are doing and let go of the form in which you’re hoping your desire will be delivered. I love to write.  I do.  But, I questioned this for a little while this week and last.  After my intenSati training, when I had this [...]

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