I have never before considered my life’s purpose.  What is your purpose?  Does that answer come readily to you?  I am curious.  It never did for me. Not that I didn’t pause to answer it; I never considered the question.  And I still didn’t consider it. However, the answer came to me.  I was never [...]

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The Show Is Over

So, National Poetry Month is over, but the poets haven’t left me alone just yet. I was listening to Studio 360, one of my favorite weekend NPR programs, and Quang Bao, a Vietnamese-American poet, was asked to describe the work of art that had the biggest impact on his life. (This is an ongoing series [...]

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Library Adventure

I set my sights on the library today.  After work, I was going to walk to the library in Chinatown.  The one that had a copy of Molokai, which is our book club book for this month.  I looked at it in Borders and for some reason set my mind to the fact that I [...]

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