Three Super Secret Tricks for Finding Guest Posting Opportunities

I’ve written before on the task of finding outlets to write for in order to get your name out there. The art of guest posting puts you in front of your target audience offering excellent information that whets their appetite and leads them back to your website, hopefully wanting more. I have a couple more [...]

What Should I Post on Social Media?

What are you doing on social media? Does that question make you feel like you’ve just been discovered hiding in a kitchen cabinet? Embarrassed? Confused? At a loss to explain what you are really doing in there? Stalking exes? Watching what happens when a homeless man is given $100? Love/hating what a seemingly influential frenemy is [...]

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Four Ways to Find Guest Post Outlets

It’s list-building 101. Right? But it’s not enough to feature your work just anywhere. Guest posting is an art. And finding the right outlets to pitch to feature your work is the key element of a successful guest post. Just like everything else, it’s all about creating relationships and making connections. First: what is guest [...]

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