Found the Source…

I went to my first friend’s baby shower today.  Not my first friend to have a baby.  My first friend, the one I met first, in life.  It was at a restaurant right around the corner from the community college where I sent the character in my second novel.  It’s about an hour from Manhattan, [...]

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For the Love of David Rakoff and Other Things That are Good

This is derivative, trite, totally conventional, unoriginal, and poorly written.  If I didn’t already know what I was thinking, if I was just overhearing what’s running through my mind as though it were someone else’s mind, I’d know I was thinking about my writing.  I’ve begun working on my novel again. I can actually write [...]

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Do I Want It? Do I Need It?

I did something really insane the other day.  Insane in retrospect.  At the time, it was an “of course” sort of thing.  Of course I have to make this happen.  Of course I have to jump into the deep end.  Of course.  It was exciting.  Thrilling, really.  Rewarding just in the act of going for [...]

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Live in Love…

I keep getting this message: Focus on the love of what you are doing and let go of the form in which you’re hoping your desire will be delivered. I love to write.  I do.  But, I questioned this for a little while this week and last.  After my intenSati training, when I had this [...]

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Thanks But No Thanks

On Monday, I went to a meditation class.  After an extensive meditation, during which the teacher, Gabrielle Bernstein, went around the room offer guidance to each of us based on the energy she was picking up, she told me that I had to visualize my negative thoughts and energy lifting up and escaping from my [...]

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