My Super-Secret Exercise History…

...or How I Discovered that Movement is My Medicine When I was in high school, I ran-walked the mile in the Presidential fitness test in just over fourteen minutes. I played on the tennis team where our conditioning drills amounted to a few suicides and a run around the backstops of the three softball fields [...]

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Food Challenge

My new diet drops April 20.  I haven't dieted in a long time.  I weighed myself for only probably the fourth time in five or six years over the weekend - but only because we were weighing a box that S carried from IKEA to the car and from the car to the apartment.  It was [...]

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The Business of Making Life Better

Apparently there are tools for making your life better wherever you go.  Or maybe it’s a case of “decide to be a student and the teacher will appear.” I was in Lululemon last night, at its most simple: an athletic store.  For the holidays, SP bought me some of their goods, awesome workout pants and [...]

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