Ep 14: Amanda Maynard, Your History is Jam-Packed with Information

Amanda Maynard has been working privately with clients for over 10 years helping them move from stuck and overwhelm into vibrant, profitable strength based entrepreneurial ventures. She an Intuitive Strategist and a Mindset Ninja. She says, “Your past is the path to what you’re meant to be doing now…” In this interview, we talk [...]

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Three Ways to Pitch Like a Pro

What Not to Write and What to Write Instead + Free Download Pitching articles, guest posts or interviews is not hard. You can learn how to do it. You can even throw darts at the board and some will hit. But mastering the craft is another story. And then there's the whole emotional part. Pitching [...]

Judge with Love

Don't suspend it or withhold it: Three ways to judge with love Listen to your gut: your intuition provides information Check yourself: There's no shame in your game if you check your instinct with a trusted friend. Question your perceptions: Your judgements are a reflection of something within. Take a look.

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Three Steps to Judge Effectively

We are told to suspend it, to withhold it, to not express it. By all accounts, we are exhorted not to judge. But, to judge is human and being able to judge effectively is an important tool when you need to make decisions and move forward confidently in your life. Why is judging important? There [...]

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What are You Creating?

Well, we welcomed our baby girl into the world. What a crazy thing to contemplate. I used to make countdowns in Print Shop on our old PC in anticipation of family vacations or sleep away camp. And I have to say, not since then have I been this attentive to a date or a swath [...]

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