What Do You Want?

How often has someone asked you, “Well, what do you want to do?” How often has the answer been, “I don’t know.” Settling on a dream isn’t always easy. It’s an overwhelming prospect.  Admitting you have a dream isn't easy either.  And saying it out loud can be downright terrifying.  It takes practice. More often [...]

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Will Power

Willpower is the strength to act or the strength to prevent oneself from acting, whichever serves the pursuit of a specified goal.  We usually think of willpower in terms of our efforts to deny ourselves something, likely food.  I used to imagine myself with enough willpower to skip after-school snack.  I would chew piece of [...]

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Right Now

Do that which you don’t want to do.   If you haven’t posted to your blog in a few days, er, a week, and the thing is all but pulling your hair to get your undivided attention, write that post.  Sit down for 30 minutes and answer the call of that nagging task.   Doing [...]

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