Embracing Change

Okay, if it’s one thing I know for sure, enacting change in one’s life is hard.  But people do it all the time!  I remember something my mother said about giving birth.  Yes, of course it hurts.  But if it was that bad, people wouldn’t do it many times over.  How ‘bout those 19 Kids [...]

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New P of A

If I focus on what I don’t want, on what I want to change, then I am bound to the negative feelings associated with the thing I don’t like.  The frustration, the dis-ease, the stuckness of where I am in that area of my life that I want to change.  I bind myself to what [...]

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Do I Want It? Do I Need It?

I did something really insane the other day.  Insane in retrospect.  At the time, it was an “of course” sort of thing.  Of course I have to make this happen.  Of course I have to jump into the deep end.  Of course.  It was exciting.  Thrilling, really.  Rewarding just in the act of going for [...]

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I Release This to the Universe…And to You

“Much of our driven pace and habitual controlling in daily life does not serve surviving, and certainly not thriving.                -     Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance   I read this on the subway this morning.  And I knew that it was time.  My “driven pace” would have me frustrated that more things aren’t happening sooner.  My [...]

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Live in Love…

I keep getting this message: Focus on the love of what you are doing and let go of the form in which you’re hoping your desire will be delivered. I love to write.  I do.  But, I questioned this for a little while this week and last.  After my intenSati training, when I had this [...]

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