A Life Less Serious

When my friend invited a bunch of us to go to the beach on a Thursday to celebrate her birthday, I almost didn’t go. How could I possibly? It’s a school day. A, er, work day! Still, I kept the day open and tried to see if it would remain appointment-free. Maybe that would give [...]

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New Definition of Discipline

Typically, we’re all about saying, “Yes!” How are you going to move forward in your life, enjoy new experiences, meet new people, make connections, if you’re a “no” person? We trot through our self-improved lives toting the motto, “Say ‘Yes’ to everything.” But is there ever a time to say no? [Movie quote alert: That [...]

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Embracing Change

Okay, if it’s one thing I know for sure, enacting change in one’s life is hard.  But people do it all the time!  I remember something my mother said about giving birth.  Yes, of course it hurts.  But if it was that bad, people wouldn’t do it many times over.  How ‘bout those 19 Kids [...]

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Found the Source…

I went to my first friend’s baby shower today.  Not my first friend to have a baby.  My first friend, the one I met first, in life.  It was at a restaurant right around the corner from the community college where I sent the character in my second novel.  It’s about an hour from Manhattan, [...]

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Do I Want It? Do I Need It?

I did something really insane the other day.  Insane in retrospect.  At the time, it was an “of course” sort of thing.  Of course I have to make this happen.  Of course I have to jump into the deep end.  Of course.  It was exciting.  Thrilling, really.  Rewarding just in the act of going for [...]

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