Bye-Bye Business Shame

First a bit about this series: From time to time on the blog, I will drop a piece of business advice for entrepreneurs, coaches and other folk who want to worry less and get more done. Because I spent 11+ years in the corporate world (in communications, no less) sometimes I have ideas about how [...]

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Your Career Karma Credo: Step 1

Everything we do is formed in some way by what we believe. So getting clear on what you believe and the ways in which your beliefs, the good, the bad, and the ugly, inform your actions can help you walk confidently down a path you know is the right one for you. Like, if I [...]

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Release Your Job with Love

So much of our action, or inaction, when it comes to our jobs, is motivated by fear. You might think you need your job because what the f%*# would you do without it. How would you afford the gym? Food? Pedicures? You might think you need your job because who would you be if you [...]

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