Be Nice

Nice gals finish first?   Clichés have us thinking that if you’re kind and thoughtful, you definitely won’t end up in the corner office.  But there is a benefit to being benevolent. Nice gals don’t necessarily finish last.   A friend of mine was looking for help.  Her nanny had left with not much notice [...]

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Resurrect a Childhood Hobby

I used to make massive collages. In my childhood bedroom, my collages bloomed like an azalea over two entire closet doors. I would sit on my mauve carpeting for hours snipping things from magazines: words that spoke to me, images of the life I wished I was living, photos I thought were cool.  I remember [...]

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Keeping the Boogeyman at Bay

The disturbing dreams that cause you to lurch from sleep, breathless, drenched in sweat aren't just upsetting and disruptive to a restful night's sleep, they are actually bad for your health.  Whether you experience falling, or running, or wading in slow-motion away from something scary that's chasing you (that’s my personal sleep maelstrom), stress dreams [...]

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Take What You Need

You can't always get what you want / But if you try sometimes well you might find / You get what you need   So much of the pain we suffer is evidence of a need that is not being met.  We may not realize it in the moment, which is why we end up [...]

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