Ep. 39: Sarah Eggers, Being of Service and Getting Paid For it.

Sarah Eggers is a web designer in Kansas City who loves to work with creative bloggers. She started out offering people social media strategy advice over a cup of coffee and now is a freelance web designer and small biz social media consultant. She has both a 9-5 and a 5-9. Sarah learned that [...]

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Ep. 38: Margo Tirado, Helping Women Find Their Voice

Margo Tirado is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who received her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College. She has over 25 years of clinical experience in the field of psychology including, community mental health, residential and milieu therapies and currently owns a thriving private practice in Hinsdale, Illinois. She is an [...]

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Ep. 37: Heather Criswell, Becoming Comfortable With Being An “Expert”

Heather Criswell is the founder of WiseInside, a company dedicated to guiding us back to the wisdom within. She is an author, speaker, and a WiseInside guide sharing her unique approach to life, wisdom, and love with families around the world. After a particularly painful time in her life, where she lost all [...]

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Ep. 35: Kelley Kitley, How HARO Can Help YOU Out!

I truly hope you take the time to listen to this episode of The Pitch Podcast. Even I, with all my background in pitching the media, walked away with some great tips about getting exposure in the media from my guest Kelley Kitley. Something we discussed at length was how she has made amazing [...]

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No Such Thing as Luck

You didn’t make a deal with the devil. The other shoe isn’t going to drop. You weren’t born under a lucky star. You’re not on a streak. You haven’t happened into anything. You aren’t living a charmed life. No more so than anyone else. You aren’t lucky. This was meant for you. You deserve it. [...]

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Judge with Love

Don't suspend it or withhold it: Three ways to judge with love Listen to your gut: your intuition provides information Check yourself: There's no shame in your game if you check your instinct with a trusted friend. Question your perceptions: Your judgements are a reflection of something within. Take a look.

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