Claim Your Voice:
Find Your Unique Path to Greater Visibility Summit

Live Summit on: 

February 17 & 18, 2022
10am-2pm EST

Join the Movement

It's time for you to be... heard... known... and be visible. 

You have an important message to share BUT...
You feel like you are shouting into the abyss.
Or talking to the same people over and over again without extending your outreach, without impacting more people and getting your voice heard!

We’re here to help! We’ve created this unique summit especially for you so that you can: Learn about methods to become visible from the experts who have built businesses from scratch. Uncover visibility avenues you have not expected. Ask your questions to our experts and get help on the spot. Join an amazing community of highly motivated and inspiring women who are ready to take the next step and become known industry experts.

Join the movement. 

Now, more than ever, the world needs our voices.
We are impact-driven female entrepreneurs.
We can inspire change.
We can transform the world, one client at a time.
In order to do that,

Let’s drown out the negativity.
Let’s drown out the inequity.
Let’s raise each other up.
When you grow...we all grow...
In power, influence, and affluence.


get inspired.
get prepared. 
get confident. 

You know you are really good at what you do...but...

You feel lost and uninspired that your business and expertise haven’t gotten the attention you KNOW it deserves...
You feel frustrated because people with far less experience are getting big opportunities and you feel like you’re still sitting in the dugout, tapping your foot, waiting for the chance to show your stuff.
You feel like the way you USED to put yourself out there is a little stale, or a little less relevant given the ways in which our world has changed...
You are feeling lost on how to change it up to reinvigorate your enthusiasm and breathe new life into your business…


Join us for the live summit with the most prolific women in the entrepreneurial space... give you their behind-the-scenes secrets on how they have successfully put themselves out there to exponentially grow their businesses.

This is the most raw, honest, and straightforward conversation on visibility you will find anywhere in the online business, entrepreneurial space. 

get inspired.
get prepared. 
get confident. 

Join us for the Claim Your Voice: 
Find Your Unique Path to Greater Visibility Summit

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Meet Your Host 
I’ve been working in marketing and PR for more than 20 years. For the last 10 years, I have been helping my clients in the entrepreneurial space build thriving businesses that help them feel connected to the right people, fully expressed in their ideas and philosophies, and acknowledged for the contribution they know they are meant to make. I teach the skills required of us to authentically market in the online business world. 

Full circle moment: I realized the tactics we can use to put ourselves out there (without spending a dime on ads or employing a huge team) are essentially the same as the tactics I used in the global PR world to get our big-brand clients in front of the audiences that needed them.

I’ve adapted those tactics to create a model for visibility that EVERYONE can employ to be seen, heard, and recognized -- and build a profitable business.

My clients and I have created strategic partnerships with aligned professionals, spoken on all kinds of stages from national and international conferences to local Chambers of Commerce and have been featured in all types of media — from Business Insider to Entrepreneur on Fire and WNYW Fox 5 to

the details 

Thursday & Friday, February 17th-18, 2022
10am-2pm EST

Virtual Summit - Via Zoom

You will hear from 16+ women in online business about their FAVORITE way to “put themselves out there” to grow their influence, their audience, their client base, and their revenue...directly from their own mouths.  


  It's time to...

  • Stop taking shots in the dark

  • Stop half-heartedly implementing strategies someone told you to try

  • Stop wasting time trying out the latest marketing craze

  • Stop doing all the thing you think you SHOULD do

  • Start tuning in for honest advice and permission to STOP doing all the things

  • Start opening up for guidance and listening to what really feels authentic to you

  • Start being discerning about the advice you’re implementing

  • Start tuning out the celeb marketers and listen to people who have created something organic and authentic and real


Most online summits are a DELUGE of information. 

As part of the Claim Your Voice visibility summit, we’re keeping our focus narrow.

We are ONLY talking about visibility (marketing and PR)...
...and you will ONLY be getting real-life insight, anecdotes, and knowledge from our experts...
Related to the visibility tactics that got them to where they are today.

And here’s our big WHY:

The work you are doing deserves to be seen.

You DESERVE to be heard.
It’s our responsibility to share the platform, share our insights, offer freely our experiences, and bring our community along with us.

We are stronger together.

And the world needs more voices like ours, changing the paradigms in our industries and encouraging positive change, one client, contract, or project at a time.

This is Your Time. 

It is TIME to Amplify your voice! Join us for this unforgettable and remarkable group of women ready to share, inspire, and create a community for us to be supported and HEARD!