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You’ll also find useful tips on media training yourself, prepping for your interview and maximizing your opportunity.

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Getting on the air is the first hurdle. The second is getting converting listeners into subscribers.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of my favorite conversion tips:

new headshot circleHave a giveaway ready. Depending on how valuable, targeted and high-profile the outlet and audience, you can either repurpose an existing piece of content or create something new. Create a new highly-personalized landing page but have it linked to an existing piece of content. Or, talk to your interviewer briefly, in advance, about what might be particularly valuable to his or her audience and develop a new highly-specialized, targeted piece of content.

This tip is GOLD when it comes to converting listeners into subscribers and fans! Let me know about your successes, ping me with any questions, share this if you find it useful.