How to Start Pitching

Digital Print

(become a guest blogger/contributor)

Online media is an excellent place to start. Here's why...

There is an outlet out there for everyone, no matter what you like to write most.

Online media includes everything from hard news sites to niche websites and blogs.

Editors are approachable and often easy to work with giving you creative latitude.

You can most easily convert reader to subscribers with great content because they are on their device already.

Some Basic "Get-Started" Tips: 

  • Analyze the content and who the audience is; then, ask yourself "What can I teach this audience?" 
  • Turn-around time can be quite kick so you can think about what's happening the new right now and offer your perspective or take or way to deal with our current reality
  • You might also be able to refurbish an old idea with new information and create a piece for a new outlet catering to their point of view and audience
  • Demonstrate how you can be a contributor of value to their audience by showcasing the tips and takeaways you will offer

Click to grab the template to pitch guest contributions

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