How to Start Pitching

Podcasts and Radio

Radio and Podcasts are my favorite media. Here's why...

The format allows time for insightful, deep conversation.

There is a program or a show for every conceivable niche.

Their listeners are passionate and devoted.

Great marketing opp because listeners really get to know you.

Some Basic "Get-Started" Tips: 

  • Become a genuine fan; show the host, producer or podcaster you really see them and the intention behind their content and show
  • Keep "service" top of mind; demonstrate in your pitch how you can help the interviewer deliver excellent content that's of interest to her audience
  • Think about a compelling case study you might be able to share to contextualize your work and philosophies
  • Develop a value add you can offer to encourage sign-ups that will help you continue the conversation you started with the audience during the interview

Click to grab the radio and podcast pitch template

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